Early-educated in America, Europe, and the UK
(and via her own home library of over 500 books),
Kristi Kates is the modern interpretation of a
Renaissance girl.

Purposefully eschewing a college education for The
School of Life, she's pursued her creative gifts on her
own, completing two indie-rock CDs, two music videos,
and dozens of voiceovers, including her role as feisty
girl space fighter pilot Nova in the Battlestar Galactica:
Beyond the Red Line
videogame, and her co-starring
role as the AI Voice of the starship in the film Moriah.
She's also filled several sketchbooks, and over 1,000 of
her articles, columns, and photos have been published.

This polymath's current goals include recording a new
EP of her original music, taking further steps into the
film and voiceover worlds, collaborating as a writer/editor
with more publications, learning the proper way to peel a
mango, and trying not to lose her car keys ... again.

She spends much of her free time with her boyfriend,
William (also a writer) or playing fetch with her
uncommonly smart Russian Blue cat, and her leisure
activities often echo the projects she loves to do;  in
addition to all music-related activities, she also likes
travelling, reading, films, drawing, videogaming,
bicycling, and lazing about in coffeehouses.

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