Intuitive and creative, Kristi has brought her inherent
acting skills to film, videogames, voiceover projects, and
music videos, including for her own indie-rock songs.

Constantly studying via both workshops and everyday
observation, some of her most notable roles to date have
included the title role of the spaceship AI in the sci-fi film
Moriah... as the head-turning lounge singer Veronica in
the experimental short Life Unexamined... and as feisty
female fighter pilot Nova in the videogame version of the
popular TV series Battlestar Galactica.

From spacesuits and slinky gowns, she's also gone on to
play not-quite-ordinary girls like Lucy in the radio theatre
version of While You Were Sleeping, and classic good
girl Sandy in a Chicago theatre production of Grease.


Accents | Broadcast Standard American English
British, Southern, Midwestern, Russian, French
Character Voices | Sci-Fi AI | Very Loud Scream

Singing | Guitar | Piano | Percussion | Harmonica

Bicycling | Tennis |  Roller and Ice Skating
General Dancing | Basic Swordplay
Snow Skiing | Sailing | Horseback Riding

Improv | Host | Teleprompter | Ear Prompter
Quick Study | Licensed Driver | Valid Passport


For acting and voiceover work, Kristi is represented by:

headshot photography by Alexander August Driscoll

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